Beth Karas has had a unique front-row seat to justice for over two decades. Unlike other reporters and media personalities who are journalists covering crime, Beth Karas is a lawyer and former prosecutor well-trained in using media to drive impact. Beth Karas cut her teeth as an Assistant District Attorney in the New York County District Attorney’s Office under legendary head, Robert Morgenthau.

Beth is a versatile consultant with experience...

Covering High-Profile Crimes

Beth Karas has covered the most important criminal trials of the last two decades: Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, Conrad Murray, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter aka Clark Rockefeller, Jerry Sandusky, Phil Spector, O.J. Simpson, Andrea Yates, and Scott Peterson to name some of the most dramatic and sensational.

As a Legal Expert For Film and Television

Today, high profile crimes and criminal trials captivate our imagination. Indeed, the world of crime is the focus of many movies and television shows. Beth’s unique background and grounding in law make her a sought-after legal consultant for producers and program developers of crime shows as well as a legal analyst commenting on crime stories in the news.

Coaching Judges and Attorneys on Media Relations

Judges and court media-relation personnel consult with Beth Karas on what to expect when a high-profile trial is televised. Attorneys consult with her as well on tips for appearing comfortable and conversational on camera.